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It’s About the Kids

Why am I running? ‘It’s all about the kids!’

Based upon my experiences, I believe the Charleston County School Board should have a clear purpose. It should set goals and expectations of the Superintendent and District employees, it should budget to ensure more money goes directly to the kids and teachers in the classroom, and it should have high expectations for what is possible in all schools.

The Charleston County School Board has slowly drifted away from its core mission. We’ve all read the headlines and seen where some School Board members overstep their boundaries by acting as if they are are the Superintendent or a Principal of a school. I just don’t believe that is the role of a School Board member.

As a Board member, these will be my core beliefs:

All students in Charleston County deserve a quality education regardless of where they live.

My focus, at all times, will be on the students.

The rankings of the public schools in Charleston County are unacceptable. 

Leadership starts at the top. I support the superintendent hiring great principals and giving them the resources and autonomy they need to educate kids.

The status quo in public education is not providing the kids who need it most the opportunity to develop and realize their “American Dream.” Kids need to know that they can make their dreams come true.

The School Board is charged with enacting policy issues.  I believe in board governance and leaving the day to day operations to the administration and then holding the Superintendent and administration accountable for the results.  

Educating students effectively is a partnership between the students, parents, faculty and staff, the administration, school board and the community. Everyone plays a very important part in the success of every school child.

Our continued growth will bring additional challenges such as more overcrowded schools but our primary focus must be on improving the quality of education for all of our schools and not just a select few. We must do better in preparing our children to be able to compete for good paying jobs upon graduation. It’s vital to our economy to meet the demands of area businesses from Boeing to small businesses throughout our communities. If you share my direction on how we improve our schools, I hope you’ll join my campaign and vote for me on Tuesday, November 6th.


Charleston SC

Joyce Green for School Board